Day 4

What does it mean when you're told to create a skit using a trenchcoat, a deerstalker hat, and a magnifying glass as prompts?

It means that, most likely, someone gets to play Sherlock Holmes. 

On Thursday, all the conversation groups were hard at work preparing for our traditional Skit Night. The performances took place at the end of the day, and we enjoyed many fun and creative stories, from Sherlock losing his own cell phone, to campers in 2118 discovering relics from their 'ancestor' Zbishyk, to a retelling of Titanic (what 'really' happened with Jack and Rose! )

The rest of the day included English classes, a group discussion of 1 John 4, and a surprise rainshower. The evening message was about turning our lives over to Jesus, and a testimony was given by Lauren Robbins.

On for Friday: Acts 9, more English, more rain, more great conversations, and a camp talent show!