Day 5

One of the most exciting and unique aspects of camp this year has been the Escape Room, a place of mystery where teams have to solve multiple puzzles and gather clues in order to leave the room before they run out of time. You can see the promo for our own Escape Room here:

Every conversation group got to try the Escape Room this week. Only four groups were able to finish all the puzzles in under an hour without asking for additional clues. The undisputed winners were the 18-year-old group led by Lauren Robbins, Seth Platt, and KD Henderson, who finished in only 35 minutes! Credit goes to Brent Robbins, Kristen Smith, and Janna Forseth for planning and facilitating such an awesome camp activity.

Friday was a day of "lasts" - the last conversation group, the last Escape Room attempts, the last evening message, and the last camp activity. Many conversation groups made the most of the day by going out for coffee or ice cream together. In the evening, we celebrated the amazing abilities of our campers with a Talent Show. Many great talents were shown, from a piano/trumpet duet by Joe and Cassidy,  to a vocal solo from "The Greatest Showman" by Natalia, to a fantastic performance by the children's choir (with handbells!)

On for Saturday: our final Bible reading time (a gospel discussion), final English class, and final banquet. "Final" is such a hard word to write, but it has been a great week and we have made the most of it.