Final summary

How great is our God
Sing with me, how great is our God
And all will see how great, how great is our God
- (Chris Tomlin, "How Great Is Our God")

After the campers left on Sunday, the camp staff gathered to talk about what we had seen happening throughout the week, and we got a better perspective of how much this camp means to those who attend. Our review of evaluations from the campers showed us that through this camp, many campers are coming closer to God. A few campers commented on how positive the American volunteers are and how loved they felt at the camp. Others said that the camp made them think about their own faith and what they need in their life. Many campers, even those who seemed disengaged at the beginning of the week, told us that they want to come back next year. Our joy throughout the week was seeing the sense of community that developed among the campers and the earnestness with which they participated.

Serving at the camp also had an impact on the volunteers. All of us were spread out around the camp filling different roles, from English teaching to one-on-one counselling to leading kids' activities, which allowed us to serve using our unique gifts and talents.  We saw many specific prayers answered and noted that the camp ran unusually smoothly, with no major incidents. (The American volunteers did have some unexpected disruptions to our trip back to the States, but even then we saw prayers answered, and all of us are now home.) As we left the camp, our hearts were filled with a stronger awareness of "how great is our God!"

In the words of Pastor Z, this is a camp that is driven by family and friendship. It depends on partnership between many churches, and it brings together a diverse group of people of different ages and nationalities. Through serving together at this camp for several years, the group of regular volunteers has become a solid unit, and our sense of unity was especially strong this year. We have celebrated together, cried together, worked together, and prayed together. We hope this partnership will continue for more years to come.

This unit is not only those who come to volunteer at the camp - it's also all the people that pray, support, encourage, and contribute to the camp in order to make it happen. If you've been part of supporting Family English Camp in any way this year, we thank you! We are already looking forward to Family English Camp 2019.


  1. How wonderful to hear how God was at work throughout the week!


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