Day 3

Happy (late) Fourth of July from Poland! Even though we are away from home, we still used the day as a chance to celebrate with our Polish friends.

 Wednesday was a day full of activity. Our conversation groups met to discuss the first section of John chapter 1, a passage with simple words but deep truths. The evening message focused on what Jesus lost by coming to Earth for us. Seth Platt gave the evening devotion, and Carroll Miller led an additional Bible study in the evening. This was an optional Bible study for those who wanted to learn more about Jesus - and 14 campers attended!

For our evening activity, we  had an  American-style bonfire with s'mores. There's nothing quite as fun as introducing s'mores to someone who has never seen them before, showing them how to assemble one be and seeing their sticky smile of delight. After the bonfire, the young and young-at-heart enjoyed line dancing, featuring favorites like the Macarena, the Chicken Dance, Cotton-Eyed Joe, and a locally-known "Belgian Dance." Check out the Facebook page to see just who was dancing!

On for Thursday: 1 John 4, more English, warm weather, 3 groups trying out an "escape room" (more on that later!), and everyone utilizing their creative energy to prepare for tonight's Skit Night!