Day 2

Like most days, this day got off to an early start for the camp staff, with a 6:45 staff meaning in which we prayed together and heard a short message on encouragement from Jim Mays. Pastor Z, as always, was gracious in supplying coffee and donuts to compensate for the early hour. The whole camp got started with morning worship featuring a new song, The River Is Here, as well as an old favorite,  Open the Eyes of My Heart.

This week began with rather cool weather, with highs in the mid 60s. Today, on the other hand, the weather was absolutely perfect, and during the afternoon free time many of us enjoyed walking or playing frisbee outside. One of the best ways to connect with other people at camp is to sit in a outdoor cafe drinking coffee or eating ice cream and talking about life, and many campers and workers could be seen doing this throughout Kudowa-Zdroj today.

Contrary to what was said in the last blog post, the evening activity was not a bonfire, but a live version of the game "Clue", featuring locations, items, and persons from our own camp (such as Mischievous Mary, the Name Tag Noose, and the Dining Patio) . Winners were the conversation group led by David Arch and Janna Forseth - congratulations! The teens also enjoyed their own special time with LOTS of pizza!

The evening message by Mike was about being lost even in religion. Each message is introduced by a movie clip, and this time the clip was  the famous "battle of wits" scene from The Princess Bride. The evening testimony was given by Sheila Hunt.

On for tomorrow: John 1, English classes, more beautiful weather, more testimony and life-sharing, and a bonfire and dance party!